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Everything in my work is about inspiring leadership for transformational impact. 

Inviting and encouraging self-awareness
Awakening the drive for mastery in skill and wisdom in action
Igniting curiosity and passion in self-reflection
Integrating our head, heart and gut
Turning insights into straight-forward and simple ideas for practice.

Maybe you noticed I love the word “Dojo”. A place of “the way”.
A place of presence and focused determination. A place of practice.
This is what our workshops are designed to be. 

Whatever we explore during training must have practical value for you. Empower you to experiment with new ideas, behaviours and ways of approaching your work. 

I am a passionate believer and practitioner of experiential learning, and that is what our workshops will look like:  Experience, reflection, insight, practice, action.

Dynamic, challenging and in the same time playful learning journeys. 

I’ll never forget when I first heard Amy (one of my mentors, role models and influencing skills gurus) say: “Oh, you do not feel comfortable? Do I care? My job is not to make you happy – my job is help you grow!”

There she was, standing next to me, calm and steady, holding the space for me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. Her request not negotiable. So I tried. And again. And I learned. And it changed my world.

So here is the promise:

You will be challenged. 
To look at the mirror. To stretch your thinking. 
To do something differently than you usually do.

You will practice.
You will get feedback. Plenty of it. 
You will learn practical tips, frameworks and tools.

You will know why they matter, why should you care and what to do next.
You will practice again.

You will be challenged.
And you will have fun.

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