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My quest for wisdom

Most of my life I’ve been chasing knowledge. 
Working towards numerous certificates as proofs of my “knowing” and getting attached to those truths’ I just mastered, as anchors of my confidence.

And it worked. For some time at least. And then it did not anymore.

You must have had one of those moments. 
You KNOW that you KNOW and you push hard, but life pushes back with a big laugh: “Sorry, love, that’s simply NOT how things ARE anymore. I have different rules now”.
And you hate having to realize that you’re stuck. (Argh …that really could piss me off….)

So, how do you play a game in which the only rule is that rules can (and will) be changing every now and then? And they’ll most probably do that with no warning and in a less obvious way?

Well. I am still learning. 

Resilience. Agility. Presence. Curios thoughts. Curios actions. Listening. Willingness to unlearn. Those are some of my clues right now.

I still read loads of books. I am still always on a path towards a new diploma. Still tend to get seduced by ideas, fall in love with frameworks, methods, theories … but see them as possibilities, not un-negotiable authorities over my mind and deed. I see them as doors to opportunities. Different lenses that allow me to see the world in a different way.
And I am willing to let them go.

I search for wisdom, rather than the ultimate, one right truth.

And what fuels my insights most, are conversations. Sharing with others, being challenged and inspired by different points of view.

This is why this blog is being born. To be a place of sharing, a place of exploration, curiosity and learning. A place of conversation.

I am not aiming to teach you anything in this space. 

I simply want to share my view on things that fuel my passion, trigger my curiosity, challenge and puzzle me as a professional, as a life traveller, as a human. 
Offer you questions to ponder. Hear what you think.

If my thoughts inspire you to engage – please do. Add your comments here, or send me a note. 

We may get wiser together :)


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A few weeks ago a dear friend (and one of my best thinking partners in the world) called a conversation that still echoes in me. About awakening humanness in organisations.

I was like, gosh, this could get rather philosophical!
But when G calls, i show up.

So there we were, a small funky group of curious humans connecting in exploration.
What is it to be human?

What did we come up with?

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I love words. Digging for their roots, learning how they came about.
Exploring their meaning and how it changes when they partner with other words.

Sensing their energy, what they move in me, how they make me feel.
What they help me know

Take the word CRAFT.
I love how it speaks for action, practice, skill, commitment, mastery, creation.