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Life unsorted

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The dangers of having a role-model

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You are my role-model.

I admire who you are, what you do, how you do it.

I want to learn from you.

I’m really, really fascinated by your way.

I so want to be like you.

So I try doing everything like you do.

There comes a challenge.

What would you do?

I do it.


Why doesn’t it work!?

I did it like you …


It doesn’t even feel right.

I find myself lost.

Really confused.


Then slowly but surely, I start to get it.

It’s quite straight-forward.

I’m simply not you.


So there I am, puzzled - what should I do?


And then I hear a gentle whisper within:

“Time to be yourself, love. Be You”


I sit in surprise with what I feel.


What a relief this seems to be!

That all I need to do is -

just BE ME.

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