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Leadership development

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    Terme Tuhelj
    Ljudevita Gaja 4, 49215 Tuheljske Toplice
    Event Start:2023-02-13 14:00
    Event End:2023-02-15 21:00

    An invitation to explore, learn & practice!

    The way high-performing organizations operate today is radically different from how they operated 12 years ago. Yet many other organizations continue to operate according to industrial age models that are 100 years old or more, weighed down by legacy practices, systems, and behaviors that must be confronted and discarded before true change can take hold.

    Why to join?


    AoPL Croatia,  13 - 15 Feb 2023, will take place in the conference centre of Hotel Well, Terme Tuhelj, in  the Northwest of Croatia. The picturesque, hilly landscape, with unspoilt nature, offers many cultural and natural attractions; the area is particularly famous for its excellent cuisine offering a variety of local specialities and fine wines. 

    Participation fee includes:

    • 3 days training fee, AoPL workbook, lunch and coffee breaks
    • online Follow Up Workshop 
    • joining alumni network
    • one individual coaching hour for a concrete project

    Join us, and learn how to implement  participatory approach in your organization!

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    Date: 2023-02-13 14:00
    In: Tuheljske Toplice, Croatia
    Terme Tuhelj